USS COD SS-224 World War II Fleet Submarine


Greystone Communications just spent a week aboard Cod filming re-enactment scenes for a four-part miniseries for The History Channel. The series is about United States Submarines in World War II, and will air after the first of the year. Cod herself is not the subject of the series but plays the parts of a number of her sisters who were lost in battle or subsequently scrapped.

Our photographer has taken photos of the filming processes and some of these photos will be added to this website.

NOTE !!!: We were just informed by The History Channel that the miniseries, "Silent Service", will be aired on four consecutive evenings starting 8 January 2001.

COD's World War II sailing list for her seven war patrols has been assembled from ships logs and patrol reports and is now presented here. (WW-II Sailing List) When the information about COD's Cold War crews can be assembled it will also be added to the website

SEE THE TORPEDOS LOADING ABOARD! Recently, Cod's crew loaded two WW-II Mark 14 torpedos into her Forward Torpedo Room. (One of these is a cut-away to show the internal mechanisms.) Because Cod is the last of the WW-II submarines that has not had her torpedo loading hatches cut away to make room for stairways this was a very unique evolution. All equipment and the procedures used were exactly as had been done more than 50 years ago. Torpedoes coming aboard!

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Note: we recently acquired some black and white photos taken aboard Cod during the Summer of 1945 while she was on her seventh WW-II war patrol. Some of these images are now on the "tour" and more will be added.


Cod wishes to thank its Internet service provider for the generous donation of all services for the hosting of this web site.

We have had visitors aboard for a virtual "visit".

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