Recent Updates:
09/17/06 - New rescues Angel and Ruby
09/17/06 - Rescue "Bonnie" has been placed
03/19/06 - "Chessie" placed
03/05/06 - New rescues "Chessie" and "Jeffrey"
03/05/06 - Updates on Belle , Ginger , and John
01/23/06 - New rescue "Romeo"
01/23/06 - Good news for "Lucy" and "Murphy"
01/23/06 - An update on "Harry"
01/01/06 - New Rescue "Belle" and updates on our October rescues

Irish Setter Rescue iscomap2.gif

ISCO Rescue is a nonprofit group of volunteers located across Ohio. All monies donated to the ISCO rescue program go towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the dogs in our program. As members of ISCO, we are committed to the health and well-being of our breed and are concerned for the welfare of any Irish Setter in need. Every year there are Irish Setters of every age across the country in need of new homes and families. The dogs available for adoption through rescue come from several different sources. Some we find in animal shelters. Some are turned over to our program because of a change in family circumstances such as a divorce or job transfer, or because the owners were not prepared for the energy level of a young Irish setter. Occasionally, when a true rescue dog is not available, we also assist Irish setter breeders in placing adult dogs whose homes did not work out, because most breeders offer a lifetime return policy. All rescue dogs and potential owners are carefully evaluated to insure the best possible placement for each dog. These deserving Irish have usually been spayed or neutered and are placed without registration papers. Such a dog can be an excellent opportunity for those looking for a loving family pet.

Our rescue dogs are available only as housedogs that will live indoors with the people that they want nothing more than to love. If you're considering adding an Irish Setter to your family through adoption or purchase, we strongly recommend a good-sized FENCED backyard. (The Irish Setter is not an apartment dog - it needs plenty of exercise and room to run.) We RARELY have puppies in our rescue program. (The majority of the dogs in our program are between 3-5 years old.)

We are always happy to work with out of state folks wanting an Ohio Irish Setter, BUT if you want an Ohio Irish, you need to plan to drive to Ohio or pay for plane fare and a crate. (We sometimes can find transports but more often than not we can't.) We also require (and we will arrange for) a home check before placing our rescues. If for any reason the placement doesn't work out to your satisfaction, you must additionally accept the responsibility for returning the dog to Ohio so that he/she can be incorporated back into our rescue program.

The Irish Setter Club of Ohio's rescue program is funded entirely by donations so we do ask for a $250 donation to our program when we place one of our rescues with you. (If, for any reason, the placement doesn't work out your donation will be refunded.) We hope you'll read on to "meet" some of our current and/or recent rescues. We think you'll agree that all of them certainly deserve to live out their days in a loving home.

Thank you for your interest in Irish Setter Rescue!

September 2007

Our "Red Hat Girls" Ruby and Angel


Angel is 10 years old, spayed, shots, heartworm clear, a member of the Red Hat Society (and she'll stay with her new owner like velcro). Angel has to be let outside frequently so a stay-at-home owner would be best. What a wonderful companion for the right person or family!


Ruby is 10 years old, spayed, shots, and has never had an accident in the house. She was placed in rescue as the owners are moving to a small apartment that has a 15 pound weight limit on dogs allowed. We would love to find good loving homes for both of our "Red Hat Girls" so that they can happily live out their days.


Bonnie was rescued from the Canton (Ohio) pound. She's about a year and a half old, 50 pounds, and spayed. Bonnie's a very happy loving girl, very easy going. She'll make a nice dog for any family.

Update 9/17/06 - We're happy to report that Bonnie has been placed and her new owners adore her. Here she is with her new best friend Tinker :-)

For more information on our available rescues please email .


Jeffrey, about 8 years old, was found running loose in the Columbus, Ohio area. Jeff has been neutered, he's heartworm clear, has had all of his shots, and he's been microchipped. This boy has a very nice temperament and would make a great companion for someone looking for an older, less active Irish!


Romeo is about 1-1/2 years old, neutered and housebroken. (We named him Romeo because he's such a love, not because he's a girl-chaser :-). He needs a bit of obedience training but he's smart and willing to learn. He's also great with other dogs and family cats, but not so great with stray cats. Romeo is very sweet with a gentle temperament but once established in his new home he will become very protective of his family. We think he would do best in a more quiet household without a lot of non-family members coming and going. Perhaps an older couple or a family with older children would be best. Romeo would be a great companion for the right person or family!


Belle was found running loose in Lodi, Ohio. We think she's about 2 years old. She has a very sweet temperament, is very gentle with kids and she does well with other dogs once she gets to know them. (She has two long scars on her neck ... we think she may have been attacked by another dog, which would explain why it takes her a bit of time to warm up to other dogs. Once she does she loves to play.) Belle has had her parvo and distemper shots and was spayed on Jan. 23rd.

Update 03/05/06 - We're delighted to report that Belle AND GINGER have gone to their new home in Mentor, Ohio where their new owner plans to take them with him when he coaches games and for long walks around the neighborhood. Belle and Ginger were fostered in the same home so they became good friends ... we're so happy they're going to be able to stay together!


Lucy wound up in a shelter, where this picture was taken, after her owners were evicted and just left her in the backyard. Lucy's about a year old with a very sweet temperament despite the fact that she's obviously been seriously neglected all of her young life. As of Saturday her weight was up (!) to only 36 pounds. She was not only seriously malnourished when we got her from the pound, but she was also severely dehydrated. (Our vet had all he could do to find a vein to start giving her IV fluids!) Lucy is now being fostered (and pampered :-) in the Cleveland area and is on "medical hold" for adoption until she is in better health.

Update 01/21/06 - Lucy responded very well to a lot of rest and TLC and we're happy to report that she went to her new home in Amherst, Ohio yesterday, where she'll get lots more love from her new family (and a Havanese :-). Many thanks to everyone who inquired about this little girl!

With her new mom :-)


Ginger is 10 years old, an owner turn-in, from Defiance, Ohio. Her owners just moved from the country to the city and she won't stay around her new unfenced yard. She's had her DHLPP and corona shot and she's a very nice girl, still active, and housetrained ... surely there's someone out there with a fenced-in yard who can give this girl a good home. (NOTE: Ginger doesn't like cats or kids so she needs to go to a cat-free/adults-only home.)


John is about 6 years old, neutered, all shots, including rabies. He was found running loose -- we rescued him from the Licking County Animal Shelter. This boy is very gentle with a nice sweet temperament and would be great for someone who perhaps can't keep up with a younger Irish.

Update 03/05/06 - John went to his new family (also in Mentor, Ohio, same as Ginger and Belle) today. Our boy will have a white female shepherd to play with and a young boy and girl to cuddle him. How excellent that the Mentor, Ohio Irish Setter population increased by 3 in the space of 3 days!! :-)


Murphy, who was found running loose in Bellfontaine, Ohio, is also still waiting for the right family. Murphy is about 8 years old and gets along well with other dogs. He's friendly, has a gentle temperament, likes children and he's housetrained BUT he puts Harry Houdini to shame. This boy can open crates, turn doorknobs, and climb fences. In short, he's an escape artist! Murphy will be a devoted companion to the right family that understands him.

Update 01/23/06 - We're delighted to report that Murphy left for his forever home in Michigan yesterday with his new family and new best friend, a German Shepherd. Have a great life Murph!!

For more information on our available rescues please email .

An Update On Our Recent Rescues


Toby, a 4 year-old epileptic (an owner turn in due to moving to an apartment), was adopted before he even made it to our rescue webpage. Toby's new family plans to march with him in the St. Pattrick's Day parade.


We're still looking for the right home for Kelly, who was found running loose in Licking County. He's about 8 years old, housetrained, gentle and good natured. Kelly is heartworm clear but he has a grade 5 heart murmur on a scale of 6. He's also had a hard life ... X-rays showed buckshot pellets in his rear legs. We would love to find a good loving home for him to happily live out his days.

Update 01/01/06 - Sadly, Kelly lost his battle with his heart problem. May the shamrocks fall softly sweet boy.

(Another) RUSTY

Rusty is a neutered male, about 8 months old, and up-to-date on all of his shots. We hope to have more information about him soon. He's currently being fostered in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Update 01/01/06 - Rusty's foster mom found a new home for Rusty. We hope he's doing well.


We don't know this young man's name (he was found running loose in Wayne County) so we chose "Wills". (A princely name that certainly makes sense since we also have "Harry", who's also looking for a good home :-). We think Wills is about 1-1/2 and he's a very friendly fellow. He's heartworm clear, has had a DHLPP and corona shot and he was neutered on 10/27. With training Wills could easily shine in agility. (He also needs some housebreaking training but he's a quick learner.)

Update 01/01/06 - Wills was adopted by Father Joseph Daniels and is happily accompanying him on his visits to parishioners.


Harry is a one year-old male, very sweet, with a happy puppy temperament. He's had all his shots but is very thin, weighing only 40 pounds. He'll need to be neutered once he's been built up and put some weight on. Harry is currently being fostered in the Strongsville area.

Update 11/01/05 - Harry has been adopted and has a terrier as his new best friend (next to his new family, of course :-)

Update 1/21/06 - We received the following update and pictures from Harry's new family. Hope it brings you the same kind of smile it brought us!

My husband and I are the happy rescuers of "Harry" who we now call Rusty...he is wonderful ... weighs in at 64.6 lbs...recuperating from severe yeast ear infections, growing a beautiful coat...and as smart as the dickens...We are thrilled with him...we lost a 4-year old Irish Wolfhound in December and Rusty has taken the sting and sadness away and given a new joy to our lives. Think he is fitting in with his terrier brother??

Life is definitely GOOD   


(Sorry, no picture available)

Abbey just turned 7. She's very active and very pretty (from old show bloodlines). Abbey is being fostered in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Update 10/12/05 - Abbey is no longer available for adoption ... the person fostering her has decided she can't part with her.


Sarah was found running loose in early August and was wearing an underground fence collar. (She walked into a man's garage as he was putting his motorcycle away.) Sarah is dark mahogany, very pretty, good coat, NO dewclaws, dark eyes. This girl is very sweet with a loving personality. Attention Breeders: If you had a litter 6-8 years ago, please check your records if you sold a female puppy in the Reynoldsburg, Ohio area.

Update 10/15/05 - Sarah has a new home with a retired school teacher who recently lost her own setter to old age. She is looking forward to once again enjoying long walks with an Irish Setter's company. (No doubt Sarah will enjoy those walks just as much if not more :-)

An Update On Our July/August Rescues
Who Have Found New Homes


This little sweetie is about 5-1/2 months old and was rescued from a semi-neglect situation. (Until she was rescued she had been housed outside in a kennel. She has a few small scars, probably given to her by her mom.) She's been vet-checked and she had her first set of shots on August 16th. (She'll need her second round of shots in mid-September.) Not surprisingly she's a bit skittish and fearful of unfamiliar objects and situations but this will most probably change once she's found a family that she can love and trust.

Update 8/24/05 - Scarlett has been adopted by a couple who has been looking for the perfect Irish (and she's it :-)


O'Connor is around one year old. He is very affectionate and does well with children and dogs but he does need some obedience training (something he should do well at since he loves to learn and receive praise.) O'Connor is neutered and current on all shots except rabies and he's 24Pet Watch microchipped.

Update 8/24/05 - O'Connor has also been adopted and will be staying in the Dayton area. He has a big fenced yard to run in and a Golden Retriever for a new playmate. Enjoy your new life young man!!


Rusty is a 1-1/2 year old neutered male who's had all his shots. Rusty is a big handsome boy, show lines, and a heavy coat. He needs some training but he has a very nice temperament and he likes kids and other dogs. Rusty would make a great addition to someone's family.

Update 8/20/05 - Rusty was adopted today by a family who just lost their Irish to old age. We're sure Rusty will help ease their pain.


Roxanne is about 2 and has already had a litter of pups, all of whom have been placed. (She's now been spayed :-) Roxanne is good with kids, friendly, housetrained, has had all her shots and is heartworm clear. She can jump a 5 ft. fence so we'd like to find her a home with a nice high stockade fence.

Update 8/11/05 - Roxanne and been adopted and is now living in nearby Pennsylvania. Her new owner is getting an ILP number for Roxanne so she can start agility competition (something we're sure she'll be great at :-)


About 8 years old, Charlie was found running loose in Delaware County. He's such a nice fellow, very happy and loving. One of his favorite things to do is to go out in the yard and nap. Charlie is neutered, microchipped, has had all his shots, and is heartworm clear. He would be a great companion for an older person!

Update 8/11/05 - As we often say, an older setter can be the answer to a prayer. Charlie is now a loved companion to an 80 year-old gentleman. Enjoy your new life Charlie!!



May 16, 2004

Molly is a senior setter, about 9 years old, who's being fostered in the Columbus, Ohio area. She's a wonderful gal who gets along beautifully with cats and other dogs and likes nothing better than to hang out with her foster mom all day long. Doing quite well after recovering from pneumonia, Molly is now ready for her forever home.

Update 7/12/04 - Happily, Molly is now enjoying life with her new family south of Cincy. For many people a senior setter can be the answer to a prayer.


May 16, 2004

Elliot is a very small male, about 3 years old. He gets along with other dogs, is very playful and loves people. Elliot is also being fostered in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Update 7/12/04 - Our tiny boy Elliot (30.6 pounds before he was neutered - 30.0 pounds after :-) is doing beautifully with his new family in Newark, Ohio. This special little guy is looking forward to the arrival of a 9 year-old boy who'll soon be coming home from summer camp. We think they'll make a great pair!!


January 4, 2004

Puppers is a neutered male, housebroken and crate-trained. About 2 years old, he's a "special needs" boy who needs to go to an adults-only home with no other pets. Although he has issues with other animals, he's very friendly and loving with people. His favorite things are cuddling next to you on the couch and having a nice romp in a fenced in yard.


January 4, 2004

BRODY is a very friendly 2-3 year old neutered, housebroken male who thinks jumping fences is great fun (even a 6' stockade fence!) Brody needs a tie out or someone to stay in the yard with him. When indoors he's a quiet boy who gets along well with other dogs.

Update 01/29/04 - We're happy to report that Brody has a new home in Greenville, Ohio (and an English Setter for a new best friend :-)

November 16, 2003

Happily, all of the dogs listed in our September update, including young Winston, have been placed but we now have several more that are in need of good, loving homes.

  • GARRETT - a very sweet 3-year old who needs a gentle touch. Garrett was found running loose in the Columbus, Ohio area.

    Update 01/12/04 - We're happy to report that Garrett has been placed in Bowling Green, Ohio ... his new family includes two other Irish Setters who are thoroughly enjoying his company :-)

  • HALLEY - Also found running loose in the Columbus area and turned in to us from the pound, this very sweet and friendly girl is about 5 years old.

    Update 01/12/04 - Halley, newly-named Callie, is now living the good life in Middleburg Hts., Ohio. This little sweetie is already much loved and is a star in her obedience classes at the Cleveland All-Breed Training Club.

    From our September update:

    • WINSTON-6 month-old puppy turned in to our rescue program. From bench lines, very sweet, a real cuddler.

      Update 11/16/03 - We're happy to report that Winston has found a new family to love. We think he'll be very much loved in return.

    • RED, 4 year-old neutered male, needs home with no cats or other dogs.

      Update 10/13/03 - Happily, our boy Red has gone to a good home. We're told he's thoroughly enjoying his new life and his new family.

    • 2 female littermates, 3 years old, show lines, spayed, housedogs. Placed in our program due to illness of owner. Must be placed together.

      Update 9/14/03 - These girls have found a wonderful home (on 10 acres, no less :-) just 10 minutes from their original owner.

    • KASIE, a young 9 year-old female, spayed, housedog. Older owner not able to exercise her.

      Update 10/13/03 - Kasie has been placed in a new home with lakefront property. Happily, she loves to swim :-)
    • WINSTON-4 month-old puppy, rescued from a pet store.


    August 5, 2003

    Pearl is a mostly Irish 2 year old female, very small and very sweet (and named "Pearl" because of that white patch of fur on her chest :-) Pearl is housebroken, she loves people of all sizes, especially kids, and she gets along beautifully with other dogs. (She's also very birdy and a fence-jumper so she would need a tie-out unless you have a tall stockade fence.)

    Update - September 2003: We're delighted to report that Pearl is thoroughly enjoying life with her new family in Gates Mills, Ohio. (Happily she doesn't take up too much room in their daughter's bed :-)


    April 13, 2003

    Winston is a neutered 4 year old male with a very sweet and loving disposition. He loves people and is very good with kids and cats but would probably do best as the only dog in the family. (He bonds very quickly and though not aggressive he does seem to resent other dogs getting the attention he feels he so richly deserves :-) Winston is on the small side and if you've been reluctant to add a male Irish to your family because of that "leg lifting thing", you'll be happy to know that our boy Winston is housebroken and he pees like a girl. Winston is currently being fostered in the Dayton, Ohio area.

    UPDATE - April 13, 2003: We're happy to report that our boy Winston has been placed in a good home where he'll be the only dog (and where he'll no doubt become an 8 year old boy's new best friend :-)


    A New Home and A New Name ("LAYLA")

    January 27, 2003

Jasmine (and her littermate Sheba) were turned in to Irish Setter rescue in early October. We think both had been kept in an outdoor kennel with 5 other dogs. Although both girls were very obviously neglected and seriously malnourished, a thorough health check by a veterinarian revealed no health problems that couldn't be cured with plenty of nourishing food. After 3 weeks of dedicated foster care, both girls began to blossom (and grow some coat :-) Happily, Sheba, the shyer and needier of the two, went to her new home on October 26th. In mid-November Jasmine went to a new foster home where she received lots of love and attention. By early December her foster family decided that they wanted to be Jasmine's forever family. Regretably, one of their two Irish started having some serious jealousy issues with Jasmine. Rather than risk injury to her, they've reluctantly placed Jasmine back into our program and she's now in a temporary home in the Columbus, Ohio area. Since Jasmine spent most of her life with her littermate Sheba, we think she would do best with another dog to keep her company or with a family where someone would be at home with her most of the time.

Update - 1/27/03: On January 19th Jasmine went to a new home where a 4 year old Irish named Duke was waiting to be her new best friend. To quote from her new mom's email sent today, "Please update the website so others will not inquire about (Jasmine). She isn't coming back to the rescue program, she has found her "forever home" in Southern Ohio. She is joy to have and is fitting in very well with the others in the home. Her new Irish friend, Duke, is just amazed at how much energy she has! They romp, run and play in the backyard and are so much fun to watch. ... Thank you so much for all you do for these Irish Setters! I promise she will always be happy."

As I often say, the only thing better than one Irish Setter is TWO Irish Setters :-) (And please also see our happy update on Layla's sister Sheba , now called "Molly" by her new family.)

With littermate Sheba (left)    

"Callahan" (Renamed from "Sam" :-)

January 30, 2003

We received the following email and pictures today from Callahan's new family.

"My wife and I are very happy that Callahan has found a nice home with us. When we first got Callahan or Sam as he was called, he was not in the best shape. He had an allergic reaction to some food he received before we got him, he had bad dandruff, just got neutered and just didn't seem too happy. We brought him home in October and got him back in shape. And now he is a very playful dog and seems quite happy where he is. He absolutely loves the snow, and we all know how much there has been. So he has been busy playing in the white stuff and with the other dogs in the neighborhood. We are glad to say that Callahan is a part of our family and doing quite well."

And we're glad Callahan has become a part of this family too! I'm guessing he's saying "thank you" the only way our rescues know how - by returning the love that's given to them ten-fold.

"Molly" (Renamed from "Sheba" :-)

January 12, 2003

We received the following email yesterday from Molly's new family.

"Attached is a picture of Jasmine's sister, who came to us from the rescue program two months ago. She was, as your note on Jasmine indicated, extremely shy and would panic whenever we left the house for a bit. While the panic attacks took a bit of working through, Molly now calmly goes into her room (a Great Dane cage) with no problem whenever we have to leave . We feel she knows we will always come back to her. She is an extremely intelligent setter (probably the brightest of the four we have had) and a joy to have. Molly quickly learned basic obedience commands. She loves to run in the wooded area near our house amd readily comes when called. She did, as your note indicates, not have any serious health problems, and has gained weight and is starting to get her "feathers". She is still very hesitant around strangers and those she sees only ocasionally, but very affectionate with us (a paw on the knee letting us know that she hasn't gotten quite enough attention yet, thank you very much!). Thanks so much for rescuing her from those who did not deserve her and letting her into our lives."

And thank YOU for giving Molly a wonderful, loving home - what a lucky girl she is to have found you!


December 11, 2002

After several years of neglect spent tied to her dog house, Bonny's owner finally turned her in to a shelter in Wooster, Ohio. Bonny is a very young 6-7 years old and is being fostered in the Wooster, Ohio area. Bonny is very good natured and, as you can see from the pictures that follow, she gets along well with her foster mom's dog Patrick (and has learned not to chase her cat :-). Bonny is crate trained, walks on a leash pretty well and loves car rides. She's also very active and loves to run so she needs a good sized yard but she's also quite an escape artist and, given the opportunity, will easily clear a 4' chain link fence so we'd like to place Bonny in a home with a wooden "privacy fence" or a 5-6' chain link fence. We think Bonny will make someone a wonderful companion and friend and, after all those years of neglect, certainly deserving of a "forever home" where she'll be loved and where she can return that love ten-fold.

UPDATE - December 2002: We're delighted to have heard from Bonny's foster mom that she wants Bonny to spend the rest of her life with her and her boy Patrick. How grand to know that after years of neglect Bonny will live out her life in a warm and loving home.


November 7th, 2002

Murphy was turned into our rescue program by a family vacationing in Ohio who had moved to Mexico City and were unable to find a house with any kind of a yard for Murphy to run and play in. It soon became obvious to them that he was pretty unhappy with the arrangement (as most Irish Setters would be :-) so they brought him along with them on their visit to Ohio in the hopes of finding a good home for him. We're happy to report that Murphy only spent a few short days in our program before going to his new home in the Toledo area, where he'll have lots of room to run and a pond to take a dip in from time to time. As you can see from the picture, 3-1/2 year old Kalli is also happy with the outcome as she gets acquainted with "Uncle Murphy", the newest member of her grandmother's family.


May 9th, 2002

This young man was rescued from a shelter in Shelbyville, Indiana in late April. The vet who gave him a thorough physical estimates his age to be 9-10 mos. He's tall, leggy, and thin (44 lbs.), but has a nice, rich color coat. Based on his legs, his foster mom has nicknamed him "Sticks"! She says he has "energy to burn", but has a sound personality and temperament. He has reacted well to her, to other strangers, and to her other dogs. He was curious when he met her cat, but made no attempt to chase the cat. He is somewhat passive/subservient at first meeting, but is quite bold when free. He travels extremely well in the car and he has made no attempt to dig under, or climb over the fence. He is not leash trained but behaves admirably when walked using a halter. He's not crazy about his crate, but complies and is settling. "Sticks" is currently being fostered in Monrovia, Indiana (about a 2-hour drive from Cincinnati, Ohio) and will be neutered before going to a permanent placement. If interested, please let us know and we'll forward your email on to Indiana rescue.

Update: 05/26/02 - We're happy to report that "Sticks" will be going to a new home tomorrow (where a 10 year-old girl is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new best friend :-)


Oct. 10, 2001

"Max" is a 4-5 year old neutered male who's just come into our program today. (Max's owners are having family problems and they regretfully had to give him up.) Max is very quiet and laid back, sweet and well-mannered. He's fine with kids and other pets and he likes to play ball. Max is going to be fostered in the Westlake/Cleveland, Ohio area.
Update - 01/01/02: At the Club's expense Max underwent successful hip replacement surgery at Ohio State University 6 weeks ago. Severely dysplastic when he came into our program 2 months ago, Max is now able to walk and run comfortably (and go potty "the manly way" :-) Now that his rehab is complete, Max will be going to his new home at the end of the week. A big "Thank You" to Max's foster family who took wonderful care of him during the weeks before and after his surgery. Happy New Year and Happy New Life Max!!


Oct. 9, 2001

"Nelly" is about 4 or 5 years old. She's very sweet and docile and loves people, including children of all ages, but she does have a serious separation anxiety problem. Nelly bonds very quickly and could probably be walked without a leash in just a few short days. She's also one of the few Irish Setters that we would consider placing in a home without a fenced-in yard. (We're that confident that once she's bonded with you she would have absolutely no interest in wandering off.) Nelly needs to go to home where she would rarely be left alone. (She loves car rides and would happily accompany you wherever you go :-) Although she'll follow you everywhere, she's not the least bit intrusive - she's quite content to lay at your feet or on the floor next to your bed. Nelly isn't terribly thrilled with other dogs but she will tolerate them. Given how attached she becomes to people, she'd probably be happier in a home without other dogs. Nelly would be the ideal companion for a stay-at-home senior (and she'd no doubt be thrilled to have your grandchildren come for visits :-)

Update on Nelly - 10/16/01: We're trying a bit of medication with Nelly to relieve her stress at being left alone and she's doing MUCH better. She's also being fostered in a home with several other Irish Setters and we think perhaps having their company is also making her much less anxious about being left alone. Nelly might therefore be happier in a home with another dog to keep her company. (She seems very much at ease around her male Irish Setter companions, a little less so around the females.)

Update - 10/31/01 - Nelly will be going to her new home tomorrow. She'll have a stay-at-home mom and 3 children to love (and, if that's not enough, a dog named Badger to pal around with :-). Her new family fell in love with her as soon as they saw her and we think the feeling was absolutely mutual!

This 3-4 month old boy was found tied to the door knob of a veterinary clinic in the Toledo area, almost dead from parvovirus. Thanks to that clinic, he now tests negative for parvo and is beginning his recovery here in the Cleveland area. (He's quite tiny, only 9 pounds, and will most likely top out at 40 or so pounds when he reaches maturity.)

UPDATE - 09/01/01: We're happy to report that this litle guy will soon be going to a new home in Vermilion, Ohio where he'll be getting a lot of nice long walks and a lot of love.



"Red" was rescued from a shelter in Pennsylvania by the Golden Triangle Irish Setter Club and placed by the ISCO with a wonderful couple in Toledo, Ohio (who are expecting a 2nd "blessed event" in 4 months :-).

6-month old Maggie is from an unregistered litter, purchased when she was 8 weeks old by a family for $250. Too active for this family, they asked us to find a good home for her.



Maggie was placed in a new home 1 day later :-)



An 8-year old house-trained, spayed female. A product of divorce, Princess was left at the dog pound to be put down.

Princess joined her new family on July 12th :-)

This young adult male was found in Norwalk, Ohio.

He's now living happily in LeRoy, Ohio :-)



This 1-1/2 year old female, rescued from the Wooster, Ohio pound, is now enjoying life on a 100-acre farm in West Virginia.

We received the following pictures and note from this girl's new family in West Virginia. Hope this brings as big a smile to your face as it did to ours :-)



Meet Daisy Mae. She has adjusted real good. She has all the freedom she wants but is a good house dog. She is in and out all day. We love and spoil her. She was meant to come to us. Don't know where summer is going. Take care and God Bless.


The Irish Setter Club of Ohio maintains a current listing of rescue setters in the Ohio area who are in need of homes. A similar listing is maintained at the national level by the National Rescue Chairman of the Irish Setter Club of America.

If you think you'd be interested in adding one of our rescue Irish to your family, please contact us.

Send email to

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  I will relax and enjoy.
Rescue me not simply to save me but to give me a new life.
  I will appreciate your gift.
Rescue me not only with a firm hand but with tolerance and patience.
  I will please you.
Rescue me not only because of who I am but who I'm to become.
  I will grow and mature.
Rescue me not to revere yourself to others but because you want me.
  I will never let you down.
Rescue me not with a hidden agenda but with a desire to teach me to trust.
  I will be loyal and true.
Rescue me not to be chained or to fight but to be your companion.
  I will stand by your side.
Rescue me not to replace one you've lost but to soothe your spirit.
  I will cherish you.
Rescue me not to be your pet but to be your friend.
  I will give you unconditional love.

Copyright (c) by Terri Onorato.
All rights reserved.
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