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Juicy monologues for women actors.

 Acme Temporary Services  F or M 15 min.  In Illo Tempore  F  20 min.
 At the Root F    10 min.  Mrs. Jones Celebrates Valentine's Day  F 2 min.
 Balancing Act  F or M 10 min.  Pretzels & Longing F 10 min. 
 The Cassandra Complex  F   15 min.  Style  M 10 min.
 The Club F   10 min.  Ungrateful F 10 min.
 A Cock. A Dream. A True Story. F   20 min.  Welcome to the Vestibule  F or M  10 min.
 Devils F or M 12 min.   Zombie Grrlz from the Crypt F  10 min.
 F2F  F 10 min.      


BAD GRRRLS: 12 monologues for women

Depicts the pressures that women must deal with, the fires that we must walk through to survive...Very well-written; dialogue is both witty and gritty...ranges from amusing to touching, to uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful...All contain an element of universality -- be it love, sacrifice, anger, frustration, loyalty, friendship, or creativity -- to which all of us can relate."

- Plain Press (OH)

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