by Linda Eisenstein

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The Trojan prophetess, now a contemporary feminist, peddles her self-help book on a talk show, asking: why don't men listen?


"[A] ripping indictment of what people constantly do to the innocent messenger..."

- NoHoNews (Los Angeles) 


Suzanne Fischer, Actor Training Studio, Kansas City, MO



So I told myself: listen, Cassandra. This time, be smart. Forget oracles for the ruling class. So what if the Big Guys won't listen to you? Times have changed. Go right to the viewing audience. Direct marketing. Infomercials. Cable TV. Nowadays a woman doesn't have to be pleasant or accommodating to be successful at this game. Hell, look at Susan Powter. Write yourself a self-help book and promote the bejesus out of it.

So I did. And here it is, my masterpiece: Forget Electra, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Wendy. This syndrome is old as the hills of Troy, and worse for you, too. I've suffered from it for several unspeakable millennia, and so have you, ladies. Suffered from (holding up a book) "The Cassandra Complex".

Never heard of it? But you KNOW this baby, you know it to the bone. This is the one where you tell it like it is, and they ignore you because you're a woman, and then -- when it comes true -- they either a) don't remember you predicted it or b) blame you for it like you made it happen or c) call you a witch and kick your ass. Yeah. The Cassandra Complex. The most dangerous disease in the world. (CONTINUES )

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