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More juicy roles for women actors.

 MARLA'S DEVOTION  comedy 55 minutes 2F 20's - 40's
 THE NAMES OF THE BEAST  comedy/drama 50 minutes 2F 20's - 50's

 PIG PATTER  comedy 15 minutes 3F teens - 20's
 REVELATION 24:12  comedy 15 minutes 1F, 1M 30's - 50's
 RUNNING FROM THE RED GIRL comedy/drama 15 minutes 1F - 4F 20's - 40's
 THAT WAS NO LADY FROM THE SEA  comedy 15 minutes 5F, 1M (crossgender ok, too) 20's - 40's
 GENTRIFICATION  comedy 10 minutes 2F, 1M 20's - 30's
 A RUSTLE OF WINGS  poetic comedy 10 minutes 4F or 3F, 1M 20's - 30's
 HIGHER  comedy/drama 10 minutes 2F or 3F 20's - 30's
 HEART SMART  comedy/drama 10 minutes 2F 1- 20's, 1 - 50's
 OPTIONAL  comedy 10 minutes 1F, 1M 20's
 GOLDEN GATE comedy/drama 10 minutes 1F, 1M M-teen, F-30's
 JUSTICE OF THE PEACE  comedy/drama 10 minutes 2F 1 - 20's, 1- 40's-50's
 TRAINING HORSES  drama 10 minutes 3M 2 -30's-40's, 1 70's
 ENDORPHINS comedy/drama 10 minutes 2F 20-30's
 POSTSTRUCTURALISTS & THE TEMPLE OF ARTIFACTS  comedy 10 minutes 3 F/M + chorus any

 TASTE IT  comedy 1 page play 2F or 1F, 1M  20's - 40's
 ARE WE THERE YET? drama 1 page play 2 characters any

 RUNNING FROM THE RED GIRL & OTHER 1 ACT PLAYS  6 seriocomic short plays teens & up
 COMEDY GUARANTEED MORE THAN 10%  11 LGBT short plays and monologues  20's & up
 INTIMATE RELATIONS 6 seriocomic short plays teens & up
 EISENSTEIN'S MONSTER  6 seriocomic LGBT short plays & monologues  20's & up

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