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Audrie's Purple Sissy Dress
Audrie's Cathedral Communion

Audrie Sitting At Her Birthday Party
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Communion Dress
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Audrie's Show Girl Dresses

These Adorable Dresses Made in Your Size . . . and Even Larger
Click on the picture of the Green Dress for more information.
I must have about 12 interested people before investing further in this endeavor.
Guaranteed interest will be guaranteed delivery. :-)
Audrie at Transformations

Cleveland Transgender Information

( You've Come To The Right Place )

Hello, You have entered the Cleveland Transgender Page.
My hopes are to provide those in Cleveland and other Ohio cities
the information they need to explore and live their second lives.

My Home Page Cleveland Transgender Information.

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Audrie In Purple Audrie In The Oak Room
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Waiting In Helen's Dress Riverside Hotel
1950s Communion Girl
My Very First
Communion Dress
Here is a picture of my sister on her First Communion Day. This is the first Communion dress that I ever wore. Click this image to get the entire story
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