Hi. Mi name is Derek Adams and I got my HAM liscence about 3 years ago. At the moment I still only hold my TechPlus liscense class but I'm working veru hard on the 13 words per minute code. My dad promises me a nice HF radio if I get my General. I belong to the Western Reserve Emergency Communications Service (WRECS) amateur radio club. We're located at Chagrin Falls, Ohio about 25 miles outside of Cleveland. Our club is pretty small including only about 45 members. We help out with a bunch of things year round for the surrounding communities including: communications for the Blossom time run (an annual foot race through Chagrin Falls), Halloween patrol over the tri-county area, the Blossom time parade, and a lot more.

The WRECS club participates in field-day every year and operate the 2A class. Ususally, we come in the top ten percent in our class. I recently have been participating in the 10 Meter contests, and have been placing in the top three in out club for the past 2 years giving the older members a run for their money. We have a repeater on 2 meters and its linked to 440Mgz. The frequency is 147.06 plus dup so if your in the area don't be afraid to chat.


The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence is a major hobbie of mine.                             E-Mail Me. "My card."

A few pics.